This program is designed for first time skiers between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. These are private, one our, one on one lessons, once a week, for six weeks, with the same instructor. Skills Learned - Become familiar with equipment, walking and gliding on one ski, balance while snow plowing, developing a gliding wedge to wedge turn and wedge skiing. HAVE FUN!
Private 1 on 1 Lesson 6 weeks - Consistent scheduled time and instructor each week.
Saturdays and Sundays by appointment.


These are group lessons based upon ability for ages 6 to 11 year olds. Students signing up for group lessons must be able to get on and off the Novice Chair with a partner or unassisted.

Level 1 - Hill Hoppers
Skills Learned - Become comfortable with all of the Novice Terrain in various conditions. Increase skill development of wedged turns and skiing in control. Begin to incorporate a blend of edge and pressure skills when turning. Ski in control from Top to Bottom by end of the season.

Level 2 - Mountain Explorers
Skills Learned - Work on parallel skiing. Practice skiing with poles. Increase ability to use edges in turning. Ski all of Black Mountain’s Trails.

Level 3 - Mountain Adventures
Skills Learned - Parallel skiing, correct pole usage, ski all of Black Mountain terrain safely and comfortably, explore the use of gates, shorten turn radius. The goal at the end of this level is that skiers will be comfortable and safely skiing all of Black Mountain terrain and will be ready to move on to a race program if desired.

Group Lessons (all levels)
8 weeks - Same group each week. Sundays as scheduled.

Junior Race Program

Chisholm Ski Club Alpine Race Program
Black Mountain is excited to expand on its Junior Race Program for the 2011-2012 ski season. Our new alpine race program is geared for the junior skier ages 8 through high school whom already know how to ski but wants to improve their skills and learn to race.

For as long as Black Mountain has existed, our area has had very talented skiers who have progressed from learning to ski to winning alpine racers. Many have carried the sport into college racing and have made life long friendships in the sport.
We are very excited about the coaching staff for this season. 

Mark Thibodeau, race program director at Mt. Abram Ski Resort for the past 9 years will take over as the new program director at Black Mountain of Maine.  Previously, Mark was the Leavitt High School coach for 12 years where he won 4 State Championships, and was named Maine Coach Of The Year.  He is a USSA level I coach and USSA official. 

Julie Parisien will join the coaching staff.  Julie Parisien got her skiing start at Lost Valley at the age of two and soon was racing her brothers and sister down those slopes. At an early age she began putting posters of world-class skiers on the walls of her room and saying to herself, "I can do that". Through grade school Julie skied after school at Lost Valley and weekends with the family at Sugarloaf. As a high school freshman she moved to Burke Mountain Academy to seriously pursue her goal of becoming a world-class ski racer and it didn't take long.  

In her second year at Burke, March of 1989, Julie finished 4th in Super G at the National Alpine Championships. The next season saw wins in NorAms, Junior Olympics, a gold medal in Combined at the US Nationals and a Bronze Medal at the World Junior Alpine Championships. During the 1990-91 season Parisien piled up more wins, eleven in all in FIS, NorAm, and Europa Cup. The big breakthrough came in the World Cup finals at Waterville Valley when, at the age of 19, she won the Giant Slalom, the first US World Cup win in four years.  

Her success at every level of alpine competition earned Julie a place on the 1992 Olympic team and entered the games as a US favorite to win a medal. As she was training for the races, a skier entered a training area and Julie lost several teeth in a collision. A broken wrist in later training followed that but she still competed. After the first run she led the slalom, but skied tentatively in the second run and finished fourth. She finished fifth in GS, great results considering her injuries but a disappointment for such a competitor. She finished the season by winning the World Cup final slalom earning her the number one ranking in the World to start the 1993 season. Julie opened the 1993-94 season by winning a World Cup Slalom but a shortly after her brother J. P. was killed by a drunk driver and she suffered a knee injury a few weeks later. Despite the tragic loss and the injury she stayed with it and won a silver medal at the World Championships and her second National Combined title. After that season Parisien left the US Team to dominate the women's pro tour for the next three years. At the beginning of the 1997-98 season she decided to try a comeback and worked her way onto the US Team for the 98 Olympics where she finished 13th in GS.  

Following her final retirement from the US Team this skier who held up a long tradition of outstanding skiers from Auburn and Maine finished school and nurses training, began a family and found ways to give back to her sport. She coached junior racers at Lost Valley and traveled the state motivating young school children to get involved in skiing and other outdoor winter sports for the Winter Kids program. An outstanding competitive career and a devotion to the sport have earned Julie Parisien a place in the Maine Ski Hall of Fame.  

Tim LaVallee will follow Coach Thibodeau over from Mt. Abram.  Coach LaVallee is a former four-year standout and two-year captain of the Plymouth State University Ski Team and has enjoyed a distinguished coaching career in ski racing. He has been successful at the high school level in Bethel and at Oxford Hills High School in Maine; the college level at the University of Colorado and Bates College; the prep school level at Gould Academy; and the national level with the United States Ski Team from 1983-87. A native of Winthrop, Maine, LaVallee led Telstar to four Maine state championships and one New England title in the 1970s, and Oxford Hills to the state title in 1979. He served the US Ski Team in Park City, Utah in the 1980s as Development Coach, Alpine Team Technical Director, and Executive Director of the US Ski Coaches Association. He coached at the University of Colorado, where his teams compiled a 113-24-1 record while producing some of the country's top skiers.  

LaVallee returned to Maine in 1990 as head ski coach at Bates College. In 1994, he joined in a partnership between Gould Academy and Sunday River to create a comprehensive ski program that has succeeded at all levels, winning six New England Prep School Championships from 1998-07 and sending several skiers to the US Ski Team. He is am member of the Plymouth State University Athletic Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Maine Ski Hall of Fame in 2008.  

The Programs

Mountain Kids Program
Ages: 8-11
Days: Saturday/Sunday
Length of Program: 9 weeks/18 days 
Time: 9am - 12am
Cost of Program: $225.00, includes season pass ($12.50/day)
Parents can ski for $20.00/day
Program begins: Saturday January 7th
Program Ends: Sunday March 4th  

The Mountain Kids Program is geared for the junior skier in ages 8 - 11 whom already know how to ski, but want to learn to race and improve their skiing skills. Program is based on becoming a good skier in all conditions. The Mountain Kids Program will develop skills that promote further interest in the sport of alpine ski racing with an emphasis on having fun.  The goal with the Mountain Kids Program is to help give kids the tools they need to develop their racing skills in order to become successful ski racers.  Emphasis will be on developing balance, good technical skiing and race tactics.  There will be lots of free skiing, free ski race drills, and slalom and giant slalom gate training. Throughout the program, coaches will provide feedback to each skier and video will be utilized as a teaching tool.  

Mountain Schussers
Ages: 12-13 
Days: Wednesday, Saturdays, _ Sundays
Length of Program: 38 days, Includes X-mas Camp (Dec. 26-30), February Break Camp
Time: Wednesday 4:00 pm.- 6:30 pm. as well as Saturday _ Sunday 1:00 pm. – 4:00 pm.
Cost of Program: $450.00, includes season pass (12.00/day)
Parents can ski for $20.00/day 
Program begins: December 26th
Program Ends:  March 4th  

The Mountain Schussers Program builds on the Mountain Kids Program by continuing to develop basic ski racing skills.  Schusser continue to develop versatility, spontaneity, good technique and tactics. They will begin to train in conjunction with the needs of higher performance athletics.  Training becomes more organized. Athletes are expected to exhibit an increase in dedication, a higher level of work volume, and a higher quality work ethic. The Mountain Schussers will be introduced to a higher level of gate training and ski racing competition with the program still focused on developing solid ski techniques.  

Programming includes:    
* Low racer to coach ratio
* A logical progression of skills development
* A blend of directed free ski drills and gate drills
* Training opportunities in full length courses
* Training on varied terrain
* Mental preparation for competing successfully
* Extensive video analysis
* Observations of the latest ski technique and tactics

* Timed runs at appropriate times to increase intensity  
Black _ Blue Gate Smashers
Ages: 14-18 
Days: Wednesday, Saturday, _ Sunday
Length of Program: Approximately 40 days, Includes X-mas Camp (Dec. 26-30), February Break Camp
Time: Wednesday 4:00 pm.-6:30 pm. as well as Saturday _ Sunday 1:00 pm. –4:00 pm.
Cost of Program: $450.00, includes season pass
Parents can ski for $20.00/day  
Program begins: As soon as snow is available
Program Ends: March 4th  
The Black _ Blue Trail Gate Skiers is a high performance-training group for high school racers who are aiming for high performance ski racing.  The group will take on a specialized approach for training that will develop higher degrees of physical, mental, technical and tactical preparation.  This program is designed to work in conjunction with the athlete's high school home program preparing them for regional and state competitions.  Our goal is to support and supplement the athlete's home program coach and training. To provide the greatest opportunity for improvement and success, athletes accepted into this program are expected to make a commitment to their training program. We will stimulate athletes to aim for high performance skiing.  

Programming includes:    
*  Low racer to coach ratio
* A logical progression of skills development
* A blend of directed free ski drills and gate drills
* Training opportunities in full length courses
* Training on varied terrain
* Mental preparation for competing successfully
* Extensive video analysis
* Observations of the latest ski technique and tactics

* Timed runs at appropriate times to increase intensity  

Fee for the Chisholm Ski Club Alpine Race Program are made affordable to encourage athlete participation and family involvement. Prior to the program beginning, there will be a social that will give athletes and parents the opportunity to meet the coaches, further describe the program, the program philosophy, and answer questions.